7 Reasons Your Tetras Keep Dying (+ How to Save Them)

Watching your tetras consistently die is a frustrating and heartbreaking experience. Despite your best efforts and intentions, the tetras in your care might still be falling victim to a variety of deadly problems. So, why do my tetras keep dying? Your tetras might keep dying for a variety of reasons: Unhealthy water quality Insufficient tank … Read more

Will Different Rasboras School Together?

Schooling is an important social behavior for fish in an aquarium environment. Fish that typically travel in schools in the wild need to experience that same level of community and protection in captivity. Rasboras are one such fish that live in schools ‒ but you might be wondering whether one type of Rasbora will accept … Read more

Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae?

Excess algae growth in your freshwater aquarium can be unhealthy and unsightly. If you have an algae problem, and you’re considering adding a Cory Catfish to your tank, you might be wondering whether they eat algae or not. So, do Cory Catfish eat algae? No, Cory Catfish do not eat algae. While they may eat … Read more

Why do goldfish turn white?

This post was written by a guest author and edited for style/readability by our editor. A few months into having my first goldfish, I noticed she was turning white. Being a new fish owner, of course I was alarmed. What had I done wrong? Instead of feeling the urge to give up, I instead did … Read more

11 Aquarium Plants That Can Grow in Sand

So, you’ve chosen sand as the substrate for your aquarium, and now you’re wondering: Can I grow any plants in this? Sand has a reputation of being difficult to grow plants in, and for good reason.  Sand tends to pack tight around your plants’ roots, making it difficult for them to spread out.  It also … Read more

Marimo Moss Ball Care Guide (+ 3 Things to Do Weekly)

Marimo moss ball care doesn’t need to be difficult: In this guide, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to grow beautiful, healthy Marimo Moss Balls. This will help you avoid turning them into sickly brown things – like I (unfortunately) did with the first one I purchased. In this article, I’m … Read more