Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Snails? 

In general, Kuhli Loaches won’t eat snails. Unlike some other loaches, Kuhli Loaches don’t hunt, preferring to feed off the bottom of the tank by sifting through the substrate. On rare occasions, a Kuhli Loach may ingest a snail accidentally, but the snail must be incredibly small. 

Everyone adores a Kuhli Loach. These sassy noodle fish love to dig, explore, and swim circles on the tank glass for fun. Kuhlis reach around 4 inches long and live 10 years on average!

Like Corydoras, Kuhli Loaches are beloved freshwater fish that get along with almost any tank mate. Kuhlis are mild-mannered, non-confrontational, and full of personality. If your Kuhli has eaten a snail, it was likely accidental. 

Kuhli Loach | Photo 215949800 © Joan Carles Juarez |

Can Kuhli Loaches Live With Snails?

As a rule, Kuhli Loaches can live with snails. In fact, Kuhli loaches are safe tank mates for almost all invertebrates. They will happily eat snails (and shrimp) that are already dead, but they don’t generally attack or eat snails that are still alive.

Snails may multiply at lightning-fast rates, but they are also some of the most vulnerable members of a freshwater aquarium, especially when they are first hatched. If you’re looking for fish to live peacefully with snails, Kuhli loaches are a splendid choice.

Freshwater tanks can have problems with pest snails, like bladder snails, and will count on predatory fish to keep the snail population in check.

 Don’t expect your Kuhli loaches to help in the hunt. Kuhlis prefer to scavenge their meals, and love to dig through the sand for snacks. They are almost completely uninterested in hunting snails. 

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Nerite Snails? 

Nerite snails are among the most sought-after aquarium snails. They are prized for their gigantic size, lovely patterned shells, and ability to keep tanks squeaky clean by eating annoying algae.

Lucky for these members of the clean-up crew, Kuhli Loaches have almost zero interest in eating nerite snails. Nerite snails also don’t reproduce in freshwater aquariums, so there are no baby snails to worry about eating. Most larger snails are safe from Kuhli loaches.

This also holds true for Mystery snails. Kuhli loaches aren’t likely to eat a mystery snail unless it’s already dead.

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Ramshorn Snails?

Ramshorn snails have a complicated reputation in the freshwater aquarium community. Some aquarium keepers love their spiraled shells and fun colors, but their rampant breeding can swiftly change them from friendly tank mate to pest.

Either way, Kuhli Loaches won’t eat ramshorn snails unless they accidentally ingest one of the multitudes of baby snails that can occur when there is a ramshorn pest problem. 

This is also true for most small species of pest snail, including pond snails, bladder snails, malaysian trumpet snails, and any other small freshwater snail species:

Kuhli loaches may occasionally eat one accidentally (or if they’re starving), but they’re not huge on eating snails. Some people say they’ve seen them eating snails as well as an empty snail shell nearby, but it’s hard to know if the kuhli loach ate a snail that was already dead (which they will do) or if it was alive when it was eaten (which isn’t typical).

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Snail Eggs?

The favorite feeding method of the Kuhli Loach is to dig through their substrate, sifting it through their gills and eating the prime morsels they come across.

With such a catch-all method of eating, Kuhli Loaches are likely to pick up a snail egg or two. Kuhlis will eat snail eggs they find while sifting, but they don’t purposely seek snail eggs out. Snails that lay their eggs above the water line (or on the aquarium glass/under leaves) are totally safe. 

What Do Kuhli Loaches Eat?

Since snail isn’t on the menu, what exactly are Kuhli Loaches eating?

Kuhli Loaches scavenge the bottom of the tank and aren’t picky about eating whatever they find. You can keep these eel-like fish healthy by alternating their diet throughout the week.

A few popular Kuhli favorites are: 

  • Blanched vegetables
  • Algae wafers
  • High-quality fish flakes
  • Blood worms
  • Daphnia (water fleas)
  • Brine shrimp 

Feeding any fish population the same thing repeatedly can cause them malnourishment, and when fish are extremely hungry, they will seek out food that they have never shown interest in before, including snails and other fish.

To keep your tank safe, change up your fish’s diet. This ensures that all of your fish can live a long, healthy life peacefully.

What Loaches Eat Snails?

Although Kuhli Loaches aren’t big on snail-eating, there are more predatory loaches that love to snack on crunchy snails.

 A few examples of snail-eating loaches are:

  • Golden Zebra Loach
  • Yo-yo Loach
  • Clown Loach

Golden Zebra Loach

Golden Zebra loaches are similar in size to Kuhli Loaches and live in comparable water conditions, but unlike Kuhli’s, Golden Zebra Loaches love to hunt snails and other small invertebrates. 

Yo-yo Loach

These diminutive loaches aren’t voracious hunters but are more likely to chase down a snail for a meal than a Kuhli Loach. Small snails that frequent the bottom of the tank are vulnerable to the quick, hungry Yo-yo Loach, but since Yo-yo’s max out at 2.5 inches, larger snails are safe. 

Clown Loach

Clown Loaches are quirky, charismatic fish that are incredibly popular for large tanks. These hefty fish grow between 8-12 inches long and require much more living space than the other loaches.

Snails beware! Clown Loaches love to hunt and will seek out snails and shrimp with a single-minded focus. 


Kuhli loaches will eat the occasional snail, but typically not on purpose (and only smaller species of snails like ramshorn snails or bladder snails). They do eat dead snails quite happily. If you’re looking for a loach to help with a snail problem, kuhli loaches aren’t a good choice.

They also don’t really eat snail eggs unless they just happen to run across them while scavenging on the bottom of your aquarium.

If you’re looking for a peaceful community fish that will fit right in with snails and shrimp, however, kuhli loaches are an amazing choice.