Do Aloe Plants Like to be Root Bound?

Aloe plants like to have some space to grow into. Once your aloe plant has filled out its pot, it is not necessary to immediately move it to a bigger pot.

Being mildly root bound can be good for aloe, but if it goes on for too long, the plant will die. If the aloe plant becomes root bound a little bit before switching pots, then the aloe will grow more roots before branching out and growing into the bigger pot.

This process ensures the aloe is using its space well in the pots and it can save you from replacing the pot too soon. You’ll want to avoid letting your aloe be root bound long-term though since this can starve the plant of nutrients.

What Does it Mean to be Root Bound?

A plant is root bound when there is no more room for a plant’s roots to expand in a pot. Its roots hit the bottom of a pot and the roots begin growing further towards the sides where more soil is. The roots eventually fill all the opening space and begin to create layers within the pot.

If this process goes place for too long, then the roots will begin to replace the soil and the plant will look something like this:

This level of root bound-ness is bad for plants because they run out of nutrients from the soil, and they can dry out. Watering them will not do much to revive them either because the plant still needs soil along with water to grow.

How do Aloe Plants Grow?

Aloe plants need a lot of water. They are a type of succulent plant, so their leaves hold a lot of water in them. The roots of an aloe plant are similar to the leaves because they hold lots of water as well. When growing an aloe plant, it is important to water it often but also not to overwater it.

Overwatering aloe drowns it. Aloe needs time to absorb the water you give it. So, it is better to water aloe multiple times a day in smaller amounts than it is to water once a day in a large amount.

Do Aloe Plants Grow Better in Pots or Yards?

Aloe plants grow well in both pots and in front or back yards. But, it is important to consider a few things before deciding to grow aloe in your yard or in a pot.

First of all, are you growing aloe from a seed or an existing plant? If you are growing it up from a seedling then you should grow it in a small pot. To make caretaking easier, you can also keep the small pot indoors by a window that lets in lots of light. Then, as it sprouts and grows strong roots, you can decide if/when to move it into either a bigger pot or into your yard.

If you want to grow it in a pot you can simply re-pot it in a bigger pot you like. Or, you can re-pot it in your yard in a space that’s big enough for it to grow into.

You’ll also want to consider how much space the aloe has to grow. If you do not want to re-pot aloe as it gets big, then you might want to start growing it in your yard. If you do want to re-pot, then you need to pick out a bigger pot. However, the pot shouldn’t be too big. Wait for it to fully grow into the first pot before moving it into a different pot.,

If you plan to plant the aloe in your yard, make sure you pick out space with enough room and enough sunlight to keep your aloe happy.

Do Aloe Plants Grow Better Outside or Inside?

Aloe can be grown indoors or outdoors. The only factor that matters between the two is the caretaker. If you are growing aloe outside, you need to make sure you go outside to water it. If you are growing it inside, you need to make sure it has enough sunlight.

Growing aloe, in general, requires the basic needs of any plant. It needs soil, sunlight, and water. The difference between other plants and aloe is that aloe is a succulent. This means it holds lots of water in its leaves and its roots.

To best take care of this, aloe needs lots of water. But, if you water the aloe once a day, then it won’t get enough water and the leaves can start turning orange from the sun and not enough water. And if you over water it then it will drown.

So, to water aloe, you should water it a moderate amount a few times throughout the day. That way it has time to take in the water you gave it before it has to process more. Then it is also getting all the water it needs without drowning. So, when choosing to plant aloe indoor or outdoor, determine whether you can water aloe multiple times a day indoors or outdoors.

It is important to consider the factors for both sides, and decide what is best for you.

Growing aloe inside requires:

  • Being next to a window that has good access to the sunlight all day long.
  • Good soil for the aloe to use when growing.
  • A good size pot for the size of the aloe plant.

Growing aloe outside requires:

  • A place in the yard with good soil.
  • A place in the yard that gives the aloe enough sunlight to shine on the plant all throughout the day.
  • Watering multiple times a day.

Both growing indoor and outdoor is good for an aloe plant. What you need to be careful of is how you will take care of it. If it is easier for you to water a plant that is inside your house, then do that. If you like going into your yard throughout the day to water your plant then that works great for you. There are no major downsides to either option.