16 Great Tank Mates for Clownfish

Clownfish are popular fish for the aquarium for many reasons including their attractive and colorful appearance. This is not without problems, though, and one of these is how to integrate them into a tank with other fish. The best tank mates for Clownfish are Damsel Fish, Angel Fish, Wrasses, other Clownfish, and Dartfish. These are … Read more

What is the best food to feed Clownfish?

Of all the many important needs your fish has, the top two are clean good quality water to swim in, and nutritious healthy food that is as close as possible to what Clownfish eat in their natural habitat. Of course, the aquarium is only a simulated habitat, so feeding can never be totally natural. The … Read more

How Many Clownfish Can Live in a Tank?

Clownfish are very social animals and they love to interact with other clownfish and humans alike. When setting up a tank with different species of fish one of the first issues to solve is which fish can live together and how many of each fish you can have so that your tank is relatively harmonious. … Read more

How Many Fish Can Live In a 75 Gallon Tank?

Stocking your aquarium with the appropriate number of fish is crucial for their health. A 75-gallon tank is tantalizingly large and offers many possibilities for marine and freshwater fish species. It is a common mistake for aquarists to get carried away and overstock their tanks. A 75-gallon tank can hold 25-30 fish, depending on their … Read more

Why Clownfish Eat Their Own Eggs (+ How to Protect Them)

If you’re trying to breed clownfish, you may have looked into your tank and noticed fewer clownfish than you had before.  This might have you wondering… In general, clownfish will eat any eggs that are infertile, damaged, growing fungus, or are otherwise unviable.  This helps protect the other eggs from being killed by bacteria and … Read more

15 Best Snowflake Eel Tank Mates

Snowflake eels are beautiful, majestic creatures, capable of growing to be about 2ft long when they’re kept in an aquarium. Because of their large size and predatory nature, it can be tricky finding the right tank mates for their peculiar diet. Now as for finding the right tank mates for a Snowflake eel, this can … Read more