How To Water Pothos (The Complete Guide)

Pothos are fairly easy to care for, especially when it comes to watering. To water your pothos plant, slowly add water to the pot until it drains out of the bottom. Then, empty the drainage tray, so your plant isn’t in sitting water. Be prepared to water your plant every 1 to 2 weeks, being … Read more

Do Aloe Plants Like to be Root Bound?

Aloe plants like to have some space to grow into. Once your aloe plant has filled out its pot, it is not necessary to immediately move it to a bigger pot. Being mildly root bound can be good for aloe, but if it goes on for too long, the plant will die. If the aloe … Read more

How to Water Philodendrons (The Complete Guide)

Philodendrons grow quickly and taking care of them is fairly easy. There are nearly 500 different types of philodendrons. The care and keeping for each of them is similar, but of course, you’ll need to get to know your own plant well to keep it strong and thriving. Philodendrons need a moderate amount of soil … Read more

Zebra Plant Lighting: Do Zebra Plants Need Sunlight?

Zebra plants are beautiful tropical plants. They are known for their deep green foliage and white veins penetrating throughout the plant, with yellow flowers adding an accent. Zebra plants are not easy to grow, and they require a very specific set of rules to reach their full potential. One of the demands that must be … Read more

Do Pothos Need Drainage?

Pothos is considered to be one of the best plants for beginner plant owners. They are vining plants with thick, green heart-shaped leaves, often with splashes of gold or white. If you’re a new pothos owner, you might be wondering how to best take care of your plant. One of the biggest concerns that come … Read more

Can You Grow Philodendrons In Your Aquarium?

Choosing the plant and animal life for an aquarium is tricky work. On one hand, you want it to look as gorgeous as possible. But on the other, you don’t want to use plants or fish that might make each other sick. So, can the supposedly “toxic” philodendrons grow while immersed in your aquarium? Philodendrons … Read more