Do Bettas Eat Snails?

Bettas tend to have aggressive personalities; thus, you should choose their tankmates wisely. However, snails make good tankmates for bettas as long as they are not too small. Bettas may attempt to eat small snails, but they generally will spit them back out because they don’t like the shell, in my experience. Bettas often attempt … Read more

Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Snails? 

In general, Kuhli Loaches won’t eat snails. Unlike some other loaches, Kuhli Loaches don’t hunt, preferring to feed off the bottom of the tank by sifting through the substrate. On rare occasions, a Kuhli Loach may ingest a snail accidentally, but the snail must be incredibly small.  Everyone adores a Kuhli Loach. These sassy noodle … Read more

19 Best Tank Mates for Mystery Snails (& Nerite Snails)

Snails make great additions to an aquarium, but if anything decides to attack them they’re basically sitting ducks.  (This is true whether you have mystery snails, nerites, or something else.)  Fortunately, there are plenty of snail-friendly options. The best tank mates for snails are rasboras, neon tetras, honey gourami, and corydoras.  Good invertebrates to keep … Read more

Ramshorn Snail Care

So, you’re thinking about keeping ramshorn snails. If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably found out that ramshorn snails are one of the two most controversial snails in the hobby. (Next to the Malaysian Trumpet Snail.) There is no shortage of people who will tell you why you shouldn’t keep them. But are they the … Read more