19 Best Jack Dempsey Tank Mates

The Jack Dempsey cichlid earned the famous boxer’s name because of its extreme aggressiveness. If you want to add this beautiful cichlid to your tank, then you will need to know which fish are compatible with the species. We have some tank mate suggestions for you! Jack Dempsey Cichlids generally co-exist best with other South … Read more

19 Best Kuhli Loach Tank Mates

A kuhli loach is a great fish to have if you are looking to add some new friends to your freshwater aquarium. They are small, playful, don’t produce a lot of waste, and are very friendly. If you are looking for some tank mates to keep your kuhli loach company, there are many breeds to … Read more

19 Best Rasbora Tank Mates

Rasbora are some of my favorite fish in the hobby, and they do great in a community tank setup – if you know what else to pair with them. The best tank mates for rasbora are cory catfish, neon tetras, guppies, endler’s livebearers, and cherry barbs. For non-fish tank mates, they do great with mystery … Read more

22 Best Molly Tank Mates (w/ Pictures)

Mollies – and Dalmatian Mollies in particular – are one of my favorite types of fish. They’re beautiful fish that come in a variety of colors and look amazing. But what else can you put in an aquarium with them? Obviously, you want to avoid them eating or being bullied by their new tank mates. … Read more

15 Best Cory Catfish Tank Mates (for Beginners)

Corydoras are some of the best fish you can put in a freshwater aquarium. Peaceful, social, and big personalities. Plus, watching them swim together and bunch in to eat an algae wafer always makes for an entertaining time. (By the way, this is the brand of algae wafer I recommend for them and a bunch … Read more

How Long To Quarantine Fish

How long to quarantine fish

Quarantine is a crucial part of fishkeeping that is often overlooked by the more inexperienced hobbyists. There are many advantages to having a quarantine tank in your collection that will benefit your aquarium in the long run.  However, those who don’t know how to quarantine properly or who just may not know a lot about … Read more

19 Best Tank Mates For Rainbow Shark

Rainbow sharks are fascinating creatures, and make great additions to aquariums over 55 gallons. (Some say 30, but it’s best to err on the side of caution.) They are semi-aggressive, though, and like the bottom of the tank to themselves. This makes choosing tank mates difficult. A lot of fish just aren’t able to survive … Read more