How Often To Change Betta Water

How often to change betta water

Betta fish are the colorful floaty fish that you often see sold in small cups in pet stores.  Their scientific name is Betta splendens but they are also referred to as labyrinth fish and Siamese fighting fish. The fish are native to the continent of Asia and live in shallow waters and slow-moving streams. Like … Read more

19 Best Tank Mates For Rainbow Shark

Rainbow sharks are fascinating creatures, and make great additions to aquariums over 55 gallons. (Some say 30, but it’s best to err on the side of caution.) They are semi-aggressive, though, and like the bottom of the tank to themselves. This makes choosing tank mates difficult. A lot of fish just aren’t able to survive … Read more

Do Endlers Livebearers Eat Algae?

My tank has been starting to develop a problem with various types of algae, especially hair algae.  I know there are a lot of types of fish that you’d never guess eat algae, so I started wondering whether endlers were one of those species. Endlers typically do not eat algae.  Most people that I have … Read more