Can Crested Geckos Swim?

If you’re setting up an enclosure for a crested gecko, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to include a water feature.

More specifically:

Can crested geckos swim?

The crested gecko is able to swim through the water successfully. However, they don’t enjoy this activity. The geckos only do this as part of a survival mechanism, using the water to escape if they are threatened by predators. Because of this, you might not want to place a large container of water in their tank.

However, it’s still important to make sure to have some water in their cage, to keep your crested gecko hydrated. But how much should you include and how can you make sure that they are feeling comfortable? Let’s take a closer look at this area.

Why Do Crested Geckos Swim?

Like most lizards, the crested gecko can swim through the water. However, this is only a survival mechanism, not something they do for fun. In most cases, they will stay in the water to evade a predator, then find a safe place on the land.

In order to swim, the crested gecko will use their arms and legs to help them tread water. They’ll also use their tail to propel through the water. If they have to, they will be able to move quite quickly.

As we mentioned, the crested gecko doesn’t feel comfortable on the water. They only swim when they need to escape from danger. By forcing your crested gecko to swim, you’ll be triggering the same flight or fight reflexes that they would feel in nature.

By forcing your crested gecko to swim, you’ll often be placing them under excessive stress. This can lead to a range of health issues. There are multiple ways that the crested gecko can show that they are feeling stressed.

As an example, you might notice that they are hiding from you. In other cases, they will become more aggressive, trying to bite you. Another potential sign of stress is that they have become more lethargic and don’t want to move around the enclosure.

If you spot these signs, you might need to take them to a vet, to prevent more health problems from occurring in the future.

Can A Crested Gecko Drown?

Crested geckos are instinctual swimmers, so they should be able to swim through the water. However, there are still some rare cases when the crested gecko might drown.

The crested gecko tends to have a low lung capacity, often only holding their breath underwater for a short period of time. Often, they will only go underwater for a short period of time, in extreme circumstances. Because of this, you should never hold your crested geckos’ head under the water.

Sadly, there are some cases where a crested gecko has drowned. Often, this happens when people have put too much water into the cage, failing to provide any dry environments for the gecko.

(Keep in mind that crested geckos are arboreal lizards, meaning you should have plenty of things for them to climb on.)

The chances that the gecko will drown increase when you place a deep water container into their enclosure.

Thankfully, cases of a crested gecko drowning are very rare.

Do I Need To Give My Crested Gecko A Bath?

Giving a bath to your crested gecko is often not necessary. Being emerged in water can trigger a stress response, often making them feel uncomfortable.

It’s generally recommended that you don’t put your crested gecko into the water. The best way to keep them clean is by collecting their droppings frequently. However, the only possible exception is if the gecko is struggling to shed its skin. This is more common for younger crested geckos, as they need to shed their skin more frequently.

If, after a few days, they haven’t been able to shed the skin, you might want to consider bathing them. Sometimes, the water can help lubricate the dead skin, so it can be removed more easily. However, you will only need to do this very rarely.

If you’re planning on doing this, you should make sure that the water is warm, but not hot. Also, use a shallow bowl, so there’s no chance that the gecko could drown. Finally, try to limit the amount of time they spend in the water.

If, after the bath, they are still having problems, you might want to take them to the vet. You shouldn’t pull the skin off, as this can cause a lot of irritation.

How To Keep A Crested Gecko Hydrated?

While you shouldn’t put too much water into the enclosure, you must make sure that the crested gecko is kept hydrated. To do this, you will need to make sure that you mist the area regularly, to keep a high humidity. (Twice per day is recommended.)

You should also provide a shallow water dish for your crested gecko.

To make sure that your crested gecko is healthy, you’ll need to make sure that you keep it in a safe enclosure. To do this, you’ll need to customize the environment to suit the gecko.

What Humidity Should My Crested Gecko Enclosure Be?

The crested gecko will need to have relatively high humidity in their enclosure. In most cases, you’ll need to keep it between 60 and 70 percent humidity. This most closely resembles their natural environment.

The crested gecko is most commonly found in the South Asian area. In their environment, they are used to having a high humidity level. You can achieve this using a hygrometer, measuring the moisture level in the enclosure.

If the humidity gets too low, you can mist the area. This keeps the crested gecko moist, without needing to immerse them in water. You might also want to choose a fogger, which will automate the misting process, making sure the humidity levels are always correct.

This is especially important when the gecko is shedding skin, making sure that the process goes smoothly.

How Much Drinking Water Does A Crested Gecko Need?

Often, you don’t need to worry about your crested gecko becoming dehydrated. Often, all they’ll need is a small, shallow bowl.

You’ll find the crested gecko doesn’t drink from their bowl too often. Instead, they’ll prefer to get the droplets from the leaves, after you’ve misted the enclosure.

Related Questions

  • What type of water does a crested gecko need? Often, the crested gecko will be fine with tap water. However, you should be wary about using water from a garden hose. This can contain dirt and other substances which can be unhealthy for the crested gecko.
  • What type of substrate does a crested gecko need? When building your enclosure, you want to include some kind of bedding material. ABG Mix is best, but coco coir will also work.

Final Thoughts

Crested geckos, like many other lizards, have the instinctual ability to swim. However, they only do this when they feel threatened.

Because of this, you should avoid creating a situation where they need to swim. This can make them feel stressed, which can often lead to health issues.

In rare cases, crested geckos have been known to drown.