Why Clownfish Eat Their Own Eggs (+ How to Protect Them)

If you’re trying to breed clownfish, you may have looked into your tank and noticed fewer clownfish than you had before.  This might have you wondering… In general, clownfish will eat any eggs that are infertile, damaged, growing fungus, or are otherwise unviable.  This helps protect the other eggs from being killed by bacteria and … Read more

15 Best Tank-Mates for a Blue Acara

Blue Acara are small freshwater fish that come from South America. They are beautiful with their amazing flash of colour. But which other fish make the best tank mates? Let’s find out! Although a Cichlid, the Blue Acara is a fairly peaceful fish. For this reason, there is a good choice of potential tank mates … Read more

15 Best Tank Mates For Green Terror Cichlids

Choosing the right tank mates for Green Terror Cichlids is not an easy task. Due to their adult size and voracious appetite, Green terror Cichlids can be difficult to keep in a tank with other species of fish. It’s not all bad, though, there are some good options. Good tank mates for a Green Terror … Read more

Do Lizards Eat Ants? (& Which Ones Eat The Most)

Lizards are the largest, most diverse group of Reptilia on earth, occupying niches on every continent except for Antarctica. These scaley, cold-blooded creatures have evolved to feed on a range of different food sources, from small mammals to birds, eggs, vegetation, and even other lizards! Many lizard species are insectivorous, eating ants amongst many other … Read more

Can a Betta Live in a 2 Gallon Tank?

If you’ve been to the fish store recently, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of companies sell some super tiny tanks – down to tanks that only provide 1/4 gallon per betta. Luckily, you’re thinking a bit bigger than that.  2 gallon tanks are 8x bigger than the smallest betta tanks, but are they enough? … Read more

Can Betta & Ember Tetras Live in the Same Tank?

Betta fish are commonly kept in an aquarium by themselves, and it’s common knowledge male betta can’t be kept together, but can you keep betta with ember tetras? You can keep 8-10 Ember Tetras in an aquarium with a short-finned betta as long as the aquarium is at least 10 gallons in size and longer … Read more

13 Best Tank Mates for Crayfish

Crayfish are very pretty to look at – like little lobsters wandering around your aquarium. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly known for getting along well with fish that would normally go into a community tank. The best tank mates for crayfish are hatchetfish, zebra danios, giant danios, furcata rainbowfish, and other fast, surface dwelling fish that … Read more