Betta: Can They Live With Shrimp?

Betta is a type of fish whose reputation generally proceeds them. You probably know that they have a reputation for being aggressive and attacking certain tank mates for no particular reason. But does that behavior extend to shrimp? It depends on the personality of the betta. A lot of them will attack shrimp, but a … Read more

Do Betta Eat Other Fish?

Betta – also known as Siamese Fighting fish – have a reputation for being aggressive and territorial. It’s said (truthfully) that if you put to male bettas together they’ll fight to the death. But do they eat other fish? Betta are carnivores and will eat other fish who are small enough to fit in their … Read more

Bubblers & Air Pumps: Do Betta Need Them?

Air pumps and bubblers will improve your Betta’s quality of life. You will improve their happiness, decrease stress, and make them happier fish overall. Anyone who chooses to purchase a bubbler and air pump is choosing to provide their beloved fish with a good environment. In a poor environment, bettas can grow stressed and eventually … Read more