19 Best Tank Mates for Ghost Shrimp

Ghost shrimp (aka glass shrimp) are one of the cheapest ways to get into shrimp keeping, but it’s not without its risks. “Ghost shrimp” is a name for a few dozen different varieties of shrimp, so it’s hard to say for certain how any particular ghost shrimp will do in an aquarium with other fish … Read more

27 Best Tank Mates for Cherry Barbs (w/ Pictures)

Cherry barbs make a great addition to your aquarium. They’re colorful, relatively peaceful (for barbs, at least), and easy to take care of. But what will work with them in the aquarium? The best tankmates for cherry barbs are tetras, rasboras, otos, honey gourami, sparkling gourami, and rainbowfish. There are also a few cichlids that … Read more

15 Best Cory Catfish Tank Mates (for Beginners)

Corydoras are some of the best fish you can put in a freshwater aquarium. Peaceful, social, and big personalities. Plus, watching them swim together and bunch in to eat an algae wafer always makes for an entertaining time. (By the way, this is the brand of algae wafer I recommend for them and a bunch … Read more

How Long To Quarantine Fish

How long to quarantine fish

Quarantine is a crucial part of fishkeeping that is often overlooked by the more inexperienced hobbyists. There are many advantages to having a quarantine tank in your collection that will benefit your aquarium in the long run.  However, those who don’t know how to quarantine properly or who just may not know a lot about … Read more

How Often To Change Betta Water

How often to change betta water

Betta fish are the colorful floaty fish that you often see sold in small cups in pet stores. Their scientific name is Betta splendens but they are also referred to as labyrinth fish and Siamese fighting fish. The fish are native to the continent of Asia and live in shallow waters and slow-moving streams. Like … Read more